Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lust, sex and sodomy with Satu

What a month it's been. I hate that I haven't been able to write more often, but I'm not going to stress about it since this blog is suppose to relieve stress, not create more. I can understand your frustration, dear readers, but unfortunately this is all I can provide at the moment. Positive comments encourage me to write more, but negative ones simply make me think whether I should stop writing altogether.

This blog is for me. It's my way to clear my head and to record some adventures. If you like it, that's a plus, but that's not the ultimate goal. I'm not here to please you, I'm here to please me.

Ok, enough disclaimer. Let's get to the good stuff.

The married mother of two that I mentioned in a previous post threw herself at me. I was at a party and she was there too. After the real party, we had a small after-party at a friend's place. Everyone else fell asleep very quickly, just me and MILF awake. She came on to me, I was really drunk and responded. I told her to bring her panties to me. She went to another room, came back and gave me her pink string panties. When I sniffed them in front of her, she moaned. That was pretty funny.

Anyway, after that I just treated her like a slut. Strangled her, spanked her ass a bit, fingered her, but nothing further than that, thank god. I had my clothes on all the time and I didn't let her touch me at all. And then I left the party and went home. I'm so happy I managed to do that. I was so drunk that anything could've happened. And I seriously don't want to fuck her right now. I went too far already.

The next day she kept sending me horny messages. She said she wants to come over, but I said no. She asked me how I knew her sexual preferences. Fuck that, I just treated her like a slut, I didn't know anything. I was so drunk that it's weird I even remember anything.

I told her that these games have to stop. We can be friends but I'm not going to fuck her. She wasn't exactly happy about this, but I think I got through to her. I just have to make sure that we never end up in a similar situation again.

She's hot and probably a good fuck since she likes rough play, but two kids and a marriage is just too much. Especially when I have to face her husband every now and then. If she was a complete stranger, then maybe. Now, when she hangs around in the same circles, no.

Ok, moving on to Satu. She's a hot piece of ass willing to act out my sexual perversions with me. So far, I haven't found the limit with her and that's impressive. Too bad she's not girlfriend material otherwise.

About a week ago I bought some bondage equipment from a sex shop. I tied her to my bed in the form of an X. I spanked her ass red and photographed it all. I then tied her hands and legs in the upper corners, so that she was on my bed on her back, with her legs spread wide open and higher than her ears.

It's not easy to explain this with words. But just think of her on the bed with her hands tied to separate upper corners. Then think of her throwing her legs up to where her hands are. That's how I tied her up.

I'm not sure if I've ever seen anything sexier. This gave me a great view of everything, especially her sweet asshole. She was completely tied up and at my mercy. I took photos, licked her for a while and spanked her some more. I also photographed myself fucking her pussy and then her ass. Unbelievably fantastic. I came inside the slut's ass.

In another session, I tied her hands to her ankles while she was on her knees on my bed. I stuffed an anal toy up her ass and then made her lick it. Beautiful.

You can probably understand I'm pretty psyched about Satu. I really enjoy our adventures and she does too. She likes to be treated bad.. and well, I believe we all do, deep down inside. I'm hoping that at some point, we'll throw the setting around and she'll treat me like a slut ;)

We've fucked quite a few times and I have a million things I could tell, but this post is already too long and you wouldn't read it to the end anyway so I'll save some for another time ;)

About the pictures and videos, I'm not going to post them or share them in anyway. I'm not an asshole. Those photos are for my eyes only and I'm going to respect that. Also, it's a lot sexier when I know that I'm the sole witness of that sluttiness.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm alive

Just popping in quick to tell you that I'm still alive, but really busy. I'll write as soon as I can since I have a lot to tell. The mother I mentioned some posts ago threw herself at me and I now have her panties. I bought some equipment from a sex shop, tied up Satu and took photos of her red-spanked ass with my cock penetrating it. I also have a video in which she fingers her ass and then licks the finger. Absolutely beautiful.

Any girls who want to send me similar clips, my username is releaving dot farewell and I'm using Gmail ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bizzaro world

I've had a fairly interesting weekend, I must say. Me and Lisa haven't been in contact much lately since she got pissed off at me for going out with a girl she knows. It's not like she has any say in the matter, but I do understand her. I wouldn't feel too happy about it either if Lisa went out with someone I know. Luckily, however, this girl wasn't especially interesting and I decided not to see her again so I wouldn't mess things up with Lisa more than I already did. Even though we're never going to be boyfriend-girlfriend I've grown to value her a lot and I don't want to lose her just to get some unimportant pussy.

Lisa let me off the hook and invited me over to her place for some wine on Friday. That's rare. She usually doesn't waste weekend days on me, let alone ask me to come over at 9 pm. I already had the scent of her pussy in my nose when I received the invitation, but I wanted to play cool. I decided that I'm not going to make a single move. If she doesn't start warming me up, I'm going to go home when it's time and not try a thing. As always, this strategy proved perfect.

At her place we just sat on the couch, enjoyed the wine and talked for several hours. We had a million things to talk about since we hadn't seen each other for a while. Though we've never really had a problem figuring out topics for a conversation anyway. She's a real babbler, probably worse than me.

At one point, out of the blue, she stopped the conversation and kissed me passionately. "Ok, here we go" I thought to myself. Some moments later my face was soaked with fluids from her pussy. Her wetness continues to amaze me. I've never seen any girl produce such amounts of juice. Of course, I'm convinced that this only happens with me and no one else.

When she was sucking my cock she suddenly jumped on me and stuffed my cock in her pussy. Naturally, at first I was a bit worried. "Are you on the pill?", I asked. -"Yes". I guess this time she had really prepared for this. I have to say, I felt flattered since it seems she started eating the pill for me.

She always had the wrong impression that my inability to have sex with her had something to do with condoms. Based on that false assumption she fixed a problem that didn't exist, but with the side-effect that now my cock was inside her and it was rock hard.

I fucked her in various positions for quite a while until she stopped me. She said: "We both know that if everything was alright we would've both already orgasmed". And bye, bye, there goes my boner. What the fuck? When I try to explain that I'm pretty good at holding back, she doesn't believe me. What she said also means that she wasn't getting as much out of it than she had expected to and that didn't exactly help.

I told her that she can tell me when to cum. She still didn't believe me, but agreed to do so. The limp dick problem was solved with some oral work, after which she jumped on me again. We soon turned into the missionary and she told me to cum. So I did. She took a shower and since I knew she hadn't orgasmed yet, I licked and fingered her until she did.

On a mental level we are so close, but physically we're miles apart. We spent most of Saturday together and we had a blast. I had plans to meet a friend for a few beers, but after that she invited me over to watch a movie. We were both so tired that after the movie we just cuddled and slept together. Lisa is probably the only girl with whom I love to cuddle.

She had breakfast plans with a girlfriend for Sunday so we didn't really have time to fuck in the morning. Anyway, I warmed her up just a bit until she said "I want to feel you inside me". I just had to remind her that she's in a hurry since I just wasn't hard enough to be able to enter her.

She's the weirdest girl. She's crazily enticing and sexy as long as we're not touching. Once we do, she manages to miss all of my turn on's, but hits of a few big turn off's. I can't get over her shyness or reluctance or whatever you want to call it. She wants me to lick and finger her, but still she keeps pulling her legs together. She always turns off the lights. If there's a pillow or a blanket that she can hide herself with, she will. She's also the first girl I've met who has kept pinching her buttocks together while I was fucking her from behind. Unbelievable.

The fact that we get along so great otherwise just makes this worse. If our sex life were better I would probably do all within my power to make her my wife.

And then, we have Lisa's opposite, Satu. She came over Sunday evening. I took tens of pictures of her posing, spreading her ass, masturbating and sucking my cock. She says she enjoys showing her goods to me while I masturbate. It turns her on to know that I'll be masturbating to photos of her. After some vaginal intercourse I photo- and videographed my cock sinking into her asshole. My cock was so hard that it could've exploded at any moment. After the sex, nothing. Hardly any conversation, very little cuddling.

This is so frustrating. Where will I ever find a girl who is the combination of the two? Loves showing off her body, takes it in the ass and is cuddly and smart.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Champagne and ass

After some drinking at a bar, me and Satu arrived at my place. We weren't too tired or drunk so we opened a bottle of champagne. A moment later, I was pouring champagne between her buttocks and licking it from her asshole.

Even though Satu is shy in social situations, she's very open in bed. She will gladly spread her asshole for me so I can insert a toy and watch it slowly sink in. Why would she be shy? There is absolutely no reason. Her active fitness hobby shows on her body. Tiny tits, sexy slim tummy, an ass to die for and a bald, tight and tasty pussy.

She also licked my asshole and gave me a champagne blowjob. She's still not very good with the cock sucking though. I tried instructing her a bit, but she said her mouth is too small for me. I think I made the right choice when I decided not to say that I've been able to fit my cock deeper into smaller mouths.

When we fucked she had my anal toy up her ass for the whole time. Now how cute is that. I came when she started rubbing my asshole in the missionary. I think it didn't happen too early, but I have to say I don't really know after drinking half a bottle of champagne from her ass.

Anyway, in the morning we both agreed that last night was awesome. So we fucked again. And once more in the evening.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So many women, so little time

It seems that lately I've been flooded with pussy and next week looks also pretty good in terms of ass. I'm in a fairly unique situation at the moment and I'm loving it. Not getting enough sleep though ;)

The new acquaintance has still been vising me fairly often. I'll call her Susanna from now on. Today I also managed to suggest anal sex while text messaging with her. I asked her whether she likes it and she replied that she doesn't hate it. So it's probably not her favorite thing, but then again, what do I care as long as she takes it in the ass and I can please her otherwise so that she'll keep coming back for more.

The Japanese girl I met a while back gave me a pleasant surprise. We've kept in touch via email and I jokingly said that she should send nude pictures of herself. A few days ago, I was at work reading my email as usual and there's this big email with 5 attachments. She really did it. Well, to be honest, she's not naked, she's got string panties on, but close enough. And two of the photos are actually really hot, jerk-off material. One more girl for my gallery, great stuff. I'm trying to convince her to lose the panties.. we'll see if she's up for it.

There's also two completely new girls that I haven't yet mentioned at all. Marianne I met through work. She's not working on the same projects as I am, it was an coincidence that we even met, so it's safe to go out with her. Our first date lasted from 6pm to 4am after which she slept over at my place. We didn't have sex though since she was on her period. She kept saying that we need to cool down since it's our first date. It was cute. Hopefully I'll fuck her next week.

Satu is an old friend that I hadn't seen in ages, but bumped into suddenly. She didn't use to be the hot slut she is today. Her body is amazing, so tight and smooth. And what an ass. I took her out and we got along real nice. After the first date she went home since neither of us dared to suggest anything since we're old friends. Later I was trying to ask her out for a second date, but after a few text messages we decided that it's best if she just comes over and we fuck.

When I was licking Satu for the first time I really thought that this could be the girl that I could start dating. She's hot, smart, educated and she's got a good job. She's just a little shy. But who knows, maybe. I'm not in a hurry though.. with this much pussy available, who would be? ;)

It's so great how Satu just seems to enjoy it when I stare at her private parts. She has no problem with just lying on her back and keeping her legs up while I jerk off and enjoy the view. She also complimented me on my size, which is always nice to hear.

Her downside is the blowjobs. She's one of the girls who have misunderstood that sucking cock really literally means sucking. Ladies, it doesn't. I want to sink all of my cock in her mouth, but she's just vacuuming my glans. It's frustrating, but I'll probably give her some instructions once we're comfortable enough. Anyway, I can forgive her for now since she's also willing to try anal sex with me.

All in all I love my current situation. I'm thinking whether I should try to arrange it so that I would have a week when I fuck a different girl every night. It would be hard to make it really happen, but currently it might be achievable.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Now a regular visitor

This new acquaintance that I mentioned in my previous has become a regular visitor. If she's not working in the evening, she's at my place sucking my cock. I think she's spent more nights at my place than at home.

So far there has been no talk about dating or anything of the like. She's a nice girl, but way too shy for me to start a relationship with her. She's not shy in bed, but in social situations and I hate that. I want a talkative and extrovert girl. Also, she doesn't do sports, which means she'll be fat in 5 years.

Anyway, back to the sex. Her blowjobs are still great and she will suck me until I tell her to stop. That's amazing. Most girls will blow you for a minute and then want to move on. This girl will suck my cock for ten minutes and still not stop until I say so. Perfect.

Intercourse is also very good with her. She's fairly loud and her facial expressions are lovely. No anal sex yet though. She has a very enticing asshole, but so far I just haven't found the right time to start suggesting anal. I've touched her rosebud with my tongue a few times, but that's it. Let's hope this will develop in the days to come ;)

Lisa and I have had a few fights about our relationship. Mostly because I feel that I give a lot, but receive very little. I guess, in a way, I'm eating my own dog food.

Monday, July 21, 2008

New acquaintance

Last week a new acquaintance slept over at my place almost every night. She's quite a hottie and gives great blowjobs. She never neglects the balls, but actually gives them a lot of attention, which I love. Also she has this adorable habit of stuffing my cock as deep in her mouth as is it goes and then holding it there for a while. It doesn't exactly feel that special, but still it's somehow very sexy.

We're not dating or anything. I think we're both in it just for the sex since neither of us have so far wanted to define our relationship. Normally she comes over to my place late in the evening, we fuck and then go to bed. She's not far from the girlfriend type, but still not there. She's too shy socially and she doesn't do sports, which means she'll be fat in 5 years.

And naturally, no problems with my erections. Hard as a rock, each and every time. Of course this has led me to analyze Lisa a bit more and I think I've identified one more thing that really affects my sexual ability. You see, I'm a very visual person. Probably because I've been watching porn since I was 11 or something. I love seeing things and staring and Lisa never lets me do that. She's always hiding herself, pulling her legs together and trying to cover herself with a blanket. Either that or then she makes sure that the room is completely dark. Doesn't work for me.